Monday, 5 July 2021


Hi, today I'll be talking about Mr Beast who he is and why he is the best youtuber.Jimmy donaldson or known as mr beast is one of or the best youtuber in the world not because of his subscribers but because of his kindness. Mr Beast is 22 years old and he's born may 7th 1998 and his net worth is currently 8 million dollars .Some reasons why he is the best youtuber is because He has funny content and he also has a good sense of humor.

In challenges he's generous,with money he's kind to his friends and he's got loads of subscribers.

He gives a lot but doesn't get anything out of it . That's why he's the best youtuber. But the real question is who's your favourite youtuber and are you really a fan like me. Any questions

this was what i said to the class in my speech

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  1. Hi Lucian my name is Lailani and I go to Ahipara school. What I like about your post is that you put capital letters in your writing. Next time you could try to put all of your writing on one page.