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I am still blogging … 

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Wednesday, 27 October 2021

Today team 5 boys did a video call. It was cool we were again talking about 
basketball and Fortnite and other games there wasn't that much people there it was good and then i had to go somewhere hope you enjoy feel free to leave a comment:)


Wednesday, 20 October 2021

today Mr moran and team 5 boys were talking about random stuff like what is you favourite food basket ball player and games call of duty Warzone even Fortnite. After that he was talking to us about covid and how everyone was doing in lockdown online school there was alot less boys than i was expecting 
but for that 20 to 30 minutes with only boys was fun 

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Tuesday, 19 October 2021

i started the first week of term 4 by getting 4 progressions my goal this week is to get atleast 10 progressions i'll be posting on my blog abit more now hope you enjoy and feel free to leave a comment about my blog :)


this is my Te Reo task i had to answer and ask some question's in maori
i hope yo learn something from my work:)

Friday, 13 August 2021

 Cyberbullying needs to stop.  A reason why Cyberbullying is bad. Hacking into someone's gaming or social networking profile is bad because if you hack someone's account on anything The effects of hacking there account can also include damage to  data on there phones or even to physical equipment. Some hackers might destroy data in order to harm their cyberbullying victims.


 In other cases, valuable stuff may be accidentally damaged or not saved, because of interference from hackers or the software that hackers use. Another reason is Spreading secrets or rumours about people online. It is bad because if those secrets are personal or about who they are and where they live they could commit suacide. Did you know that 14 percent of cyberbullying victims commit suacide as a result the population of humans will die down just because there is so much cyberbullying victims and a lot of cyber bullying and thats why cyber bullying needs to stop.

this is my speech about cyberbullying

Wednesday, 4 August 2021

 Students should be allowed to wear mufti everyday. I don't think Students should be allowed to wear mufti everyday because other kids might not have nice clothes.

Like say if someone brought Nike and Gucci and this other kid has clothes with no labels then they will get mocked for being poor. as a result it comes to suicide and we don't want that. So that's why students shouldn't  be allowed to wear mufti everyday. 

Student Council Mufti Day » Epsom Girls Grammar School

(Schools should stop giving out homework)Schools should stop giving out homework because we should only work at school for example at home we should do what we want so we can have a break.

Like if we go home after an exhausting day at school then we have to do even more work. Myself i hate homework so that's why I think Schools should stop giving out homework.

An after-school routine to help kids and parents beat homework stress

Why I think school is killing us What are textbooks made of? paper. What is paper made of? trees What do trees give us? air. So if we keep on using paper and textbooks we will suffocate because school is literally killing us also because we go to sleep at about 8:30 and when we wake up we still feel tired because we wake up at 7:00 we will still feel tired at school and that comes to rethink or detention. Also because there are millions of schools in the world. And that's why I think school is killing us:)How School Is Slowly Killing Us - YouTube

 Kids should get paid to go to school)  I don’t think Kids should get paid to go to school because they would waste money on toys and lollies and other junk food. i'm not saying that's bad but some kids are to immature to have money. For example they don't know how and where to put it. They should be helping out their parents with bills. I also think that kids shouldn’t be allowed to carry more than 100 dollars incase it falls out of there pocket.I also think that kids should not be allowed to bring money to school because other kids might not have anything and other kids might mock them for being poor5 Signs You're Spending Too Much Money on Your Kids

this is my persuasive ideas task. what i had to do was to have an argument or a statement about how why and what is better why we should do this and how can this work
i rushed this